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Surrounding Laceyville Communities & Attractions

Visit the surrounding communities in NEPA (Northeast Pennsylvania).

part 1 of one pirates epic journey into the heart of NEPA. who is this pirate? what treasure is there to be found in Luzerne county, PA? where will he go? why is he going? when will he get there? all theses questions and more are not addressed in "PIRATES OF THE SUSQUEHANNA" (part 1)

the thrilling conclusion to PIRATES OF THE SUSQUEHANNA (part 1)! will our hero every find the long lost treasure of NEPA? what obstacles will he be forced to overcome in his quest throughout the Wyoming Valley? will he ever find the fabled city of Wilkes-Barre? stay tuned as these questions and many other are possibly answered in "PIRATES OF THE SUSQUEHANNA (part 2)

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