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Ocatagon House

The unusual home occupying a conspicuous site on Main Street in Laceyville is the Octagon. The structure is one of three in Northeastern Pennsylvania and has been the object of curious visitors, photographers, and even architects who have sketched it for newspaper publication.

Built in the middle 19th century, the house was purchased from George Smith about 1900 by Abel A. Carter, local cattle dealer. It was occupied by his family members and grandchildren until 1959 when it was sold to Al Bluhm.

It's construction is somewhat unique. Like many of the houses built in that period, it is called a "plank house." A tin roof was originally over the entire building, and even today from the front view one can see that plain boards were used on the outside instead of regular siding. The cupola at the top serves as a very small attic.

The house contains ten rooms and two baths. The fireplace has a swinging grate accommodating both coal and wood. On the original door casings inside are the initials GS, designating the original owner. This home could be restored to its original condition to make a beautiful showcase home.

Comments from the "History of Laceyville 1776-1976"


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