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Outer Space, the Universe and everything Space

Kid's Corner | Art Tutorials & More for all ages  | All about Snow | Homework Help K-12+ | Easy Math Preschool |  Elementary School | Cool Places to Visit | Space Stuff | Science for Kids | Cartoons
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Space Shuttle Ascent Footage

A synchronized collection of space shuttle launch footage. Featuring footage from STS-97, STS-102 and STS-112.

More Space Shuttle Videos on YouTube. Also TV Show Outer Limits, Space Mountain, Universe.

The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken

In 2003, the Hubble Space Telescope took the image of a millenium, an image that shows our place in the universe. Anyone who understands what this image represents, is forever changed by it.

Life in the Universe (#1): Just on Earth, or Everywhere?

This is the first episode of a series on life in the universe. Looking for life in the universe isn't like looking for your car keys. It's hard to know where to even start. The best place to sta...

More from this series on the universe....

More Universe YouTube videos....


Online Activities & Games: Elementary Childhood Education

Theme Pages for Elementary Students - lots of good, fun stuff - math, reading, writing, recess, grades 1 - 12. - Tools to enhance the parent/child relationship - crafts, cooking, science, sports, games, winter & books. Ages: Baby to 13+

Cat and Sam's Cool Home Page - is a great place to surf featuring 7 year old Sam's favorite Kids Links and cool holiday pages. Our favorite was the interacive Macarena lesson!

Kids Reviews & TVB - Taylor brings you a personal introduction, links to cool stuff like Kids ClipArt and is currently developing Kids Weekly E-Mail Pals Club.

This week Printables Club Members also:

  1. learn how to download documents and spreadsheets with a right-mouse click
  2. learn about a cool girl site submitted by nine-year old Catherine
  3. learn tips for traveling with technology in a post-9/11 world
  4. get a two-page Internet enrichment printable of today's topic

Click here to Become a Printables Club Member   |  Member Login

Affordable On-line Tutoring for Your Students....
Now there is on-line tutoring available for you here to discover a new avenue of helping your children's academic achievement.

Surfing the Calendar More Calendar


Nancy Drew Mysteries - Official web site dedicated to this sleuth and her many adventures. Includes a press kit, bookstore, games and lesson plans for teachers.

Tales of Traditional Wisdom - The Internet Public Library Story Hour site is a child-oriented Web site featuring illustrated children's stories.

Girl's Series Books - Find links and information about many different series dealing with female sleuths. Covers everything from the American Girls to Trixie Belden.

Free Newsletter, Flash Games & More - Sign up for a newsletter and free stories, find kids' contests, play Flash games or hear audio files. Also find activities and picture books.

Wacky Web Tales - Interactive web game for kids to have fun with while learning sentence structure and rules of grammar.

Book of Jessica - Read and contribute to this evolving tale, and check out a photo gallery of the little girl who started it all.

The Neverending Tale - Interactive choose-your-own adventure story and game all in one. Kids can pick stories and add to existing story lines as they navigate the site.

Farmhouse Fables - Stories about creatures that live in the meadow are available online in long and short versions for kids of various ages.

Children's Stories & Folktales from Indonesia - Learn about Indonesian folk tales and read these stories from this island nation. Find texts in Indonesian and English.

KidAuthors - Offers children a place to post stories, poems, and puzzles and read other kids' stories.

Say It With Words - Features kids' stories about the environment presented by Children of the Earth, an organization that promotes nurturing ideas about the planet.

Alice's Virtual Restaurant - Serving up links to history, children stories, writing resources, games, movies, reference tools, restaurants, and television networks.

Kid's Corner | Art Tutorials & More for all ages  | All about Snow | Homework Help K-12+ | Easy Math Preschool |  Elementary School | Cool Places to Visit | Space Stuff | Science for Kids | Cartoons
Calendar | Creative Videos |  Search the Net


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