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Science Experiments, Science Channel, Science Projects & a whole lot more!

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Online Science Classes & Experiments for Kids and - Do you want to improve your Science Marks? Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different. Our online science classes will help you develop critical thinking skills!

There are many places on the Internet that offer science courses but this one is unique. Not only does it offer OVER ONE HUNDRED science projects for FREE, but I have developed a fun and exciting science learning program that will help you gain fundamental scientific knowledge like no one else.

You will be able to understand and explain the scientific concepts behind the science experiments that you will do. Science no longer will be a mystery or magic. My program will help you become the scientist you want to be.

Explore the Rockiteer Online Science Program - It's fun. It's effective. And it works!

Why? Because it is based on a unique "storytelling methodology". Now you probably wonder. How is storytelling related to science? Well, the fact is that your brain memorizes things better when they are linked to emotions. All science experiments that you will do as part of this program are part of fun and exciting stories. Every month I will tell you a story and we will jointly do experiments that will help you arrive at a conclusion to the story. It will be your job to use your newly gained scientific knowledge to finish each story.

Now you probably wonder how can we "jointly" do science experiments if I sit in Silicon Valley, California and you are somewhere in the world. Well, using the latest Internet technologies we have developed a virtual classroom for you. This classroom includes a screen that enables you to watch me, along with an online chat that allows you to communicate with me. All of that happens obviously in real time. So it is like we are jointly in one class room.

The other important thing that you will need are the materials for the experiments that we do. Every month I will send you a package via mail, that includes instructions and materials for the science experiments of the following month.

My program covers many interesting areas: ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM, CHEMISTRY, HEAT AND LIGHT, SIMPLE MACHINES, SOUND, POTENTIAL AND KINETIC ENERGY, and PROPERTIES OF MATTER. Each area has one or more classes that are spread over a timeframe of 12 months. It does not matter when you join the program since the classes start over again.

Oh, and by the way, the content of the classes will be available in form of a book that I am currently writing. The title of the book is "Science Stories & Experiments". And best of all, if you join the program you might have a chance to become my co-writer. The highest rated "Endings of the Stories", written by the students, will be featured in the book.

Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you. I am looking forward to seeing you at my next online science class.

More science classes from YouTube....

Easy Science Experiments from "Surfing the Net with Kids" syndicated columnist.

The Science Experiment

A Science experiment did in class.

How much sugar is in a can of soda?

A science experiment that lets us find out how much sugar there is in a typical can of soda.

More science experiments, science channel how it's made, science project ideas for kids....

Fun and Games from Windows to the Universe!

Cloud Matching Game from the Web Weather for Kids Website

Cloud Concentration Game from the Web Weather for Kids Website

Lightning Trivia from the Web Weather for Kids Website

Weather Activities to try at School or Home!

What's it like to be a drop of water? Find out by following these links!

Make it Rain! Activity from Web Weather for Kids

EPA Environmental Explorers Club Water Website

All About Water from the USGS Learning Web

Environmental Education for Kids! Water Wonders

The Water Cycle from Classroom to the Future

Science Court Water Cycle

Animated Water Cycle (flash animation)

Look out for Dangerous Weather!

Find out how powerful weather can be! Explore tornados, hurricanes, blizzards and more and find out how storm chasing scientists study dangerous weather events.

Web Weather for Kids
Explore games, stories, activities, and information for kids about all types of dangerous weather.

Chase Day
Storm chaser and site creator, Gene Moore tells you all about the storms he's caught! Check out his incredible pictures of tornadoes, hail, lightning, rain, and more!

NOAA's Playtime for Kids
Check out the information on this site about winter storms, tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods, and safety tips. The NOAA Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services created this site just for kids!

Owlie Skywarn
Log in here to learn about the hazards of severe weather including tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes, flash floods and winter storms. Owlie is the official mascot of the National Weather Service (NOAA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

FEMA for Kids
This site teaches how you can be prepared for disasters -- many of which involve severe weather.

NOAA's Kid's Hazards Quiz
Are you prepared for natural disasters such as tsunamis, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, winter storms, wildfires, landslides, earthquakes, volcanoes' Next navigate their natural hazards web site to learn more.

Dan's Wild Weather Page
An educational site dedicated to weather and created by meteorologist and Alabama news weatherman Dan Satterfield, it covers a wealth of weather topics with excellent graphics and photos to assist learners of various ages.

Living in the Greenhouse

Explore how changes in our atmosphere are warming up the Earth. Learn how scientists solve mysteries about how climate change is affecting our planet.

This is a fun site where you can learn about our environment. Click on the Eco-Info tab where you'll uncover a treasure trove of climate change and environmental topics to explore.

EPA Global Warming Kids Site
The Environmental Protection Agency has created a website just for kids where you can learn, play games while learning about global warming.

The Great Green Web Game
See how buying decisions effect the environment. This game takes you through a series of questions that test how much you know about the environment.

Climate at the Exploratorium
Learn how researchers study climate change. This site explores our atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, bioshere and finally the predicted global effects of climate change.

Global Warming: Focus on the Future
This is the official web version of the Environmental Defense Fund's Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast exhibit. Learn about the changes in our climate over time, how climate change is caused, and what you can do to help. Don't forget to play some of the games on the site!

NASA's Earth Observatory
This site provides information on our Earth's climate and environmental change through satellite imagery and scientific information.

Making Science Happen!

Learn how science works by doing cool experiments and learning about nifty scientists who explore our world and beyond!

Science with NOAA Research
Providing middle school science students and teachers with research and investigation experiences using online resources. Find out about El Nino, investigate hurricanes and climate change, interpret maps of winds, waves, and temperature'. There's no time to get bored here with so much to discover, see and do!

Climatologist's Toolbox
Learn how scientists measure climate over time. Climate models, ice cores, glaciers, lake sediment, tree rings, satellites, Global Positioning Systems' they're all here. Learn about the science from the scientists who do the research today at our leading climate research institutions.

This science site touches upon a variety of science issues in an engaging yet informative manner. Flash animation and movies are used extensively to explain and entertain.

Hunkin's Experiments
Use everyday materials to explore the world of science and math. Cool cartoons come with each experiment!

The Why Files
A new story is posted each week that explores the science behind the news.

The USGS Learning Web
Click away to discover the wealth of geology-related information, downloads, games and activities. Under Playtime Wizard, there are enough fun activities to fill a rainy afternoon.

The Earth Gallery

The Earth Image Archive from Windows to the Universe

NASA’s Earth Observatory


Kid's Corner | Art Tutorials & More for all ages  | All about Snow | Homework Help K-12+ | Easy Math Preschool |  Elementary School | Cool Places to Visit | Space Stuff | Science for Kids | Cartoons
Calendar | Creative Videos |  Search the Net


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