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This exceptional non-fiction book allows you to share in the lives of some extraordinary people and a few amazing animals. Each chapter is a new and delightful experience where you will meet real life heroes - and even a few villains.

You will meet Pud - a dog of exceptional courage - as he bravely protects his master from harm. Cheer for a father - though he survives cancer it has taken much from him - yet his struggle to achieve his dream provides a touching lesson for his young son. Witness Bill as he runs more than 24 hours in a blizzard. Why does he do it? His wife faces almost certain death if he quits!

You will be there to see the triumph of a young woman as she is able to put a brutal attack behind her. Go with the author of this book as she shares her own experiences when she tackles her first marathon - after being told she would never run again. Then there is a young boy - a burn victim - that experiences a miracle - due in part to an amazing dream he and his grandfather have one night. In Old Meg’s Hat; you will find out the truly amazing life saving secrets of her hat. There are more stories; each a treasure in this delightful, compelling book.

If you enjoy true stories about ordinary people in extraordinary situations - then this is a must read book! At times, you will laugh out loud - perhaps shed a tear or two - and ultimately have favorite chapters you will return to time and time again.

Seely’s style of writing is captivating - and the people she writes about will forever inspire you - whether you are a runner or not.


Edmonton Trip! Many thanks to John Stanton and John McGee for inviting me to be part of the Edmonton Festival Marathon events in Canada. The guests were: Joe Henderson, author and West Coast editor of Runner’s World magazine; Jeff Galloway, Olympic athlete, author of Galloway’s Book on Running and contributing editor to Runner’s World magazine; Rich Benyo, editor and publisher of Marathon & Beyond and Lynn Seely, author of Running Forward - Looking Back.

John Stanton, Lynn Seely, Jeff Galloway,
Rich Benyo. This is at the stadium finish
line. Jeff and I were handing out the
medals to some very tired, but
happy runners

This photo was taken at our book
table, just prior to each of us speaking
to the runners at the Pasta Dinner
in Edmonton. Rich Benyo; Lynn Seely
and Joe Henderson

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Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars great read!, November 16, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from USA

I took my time reading this book - and I have my favorite chapters - all in all it was a great book. There are very moving stories in it and a lot of humor too. As a cancer survivor myself, I was pleasantly surprised to find two chapters, two of the authors stories about cancer survivors. Both were uplifting and really encouraged me to start running again. And I enjoyed reading about George, his day to die?
I'm buying a few copies of this book to give as gifts. I hope to see more from this author.

5 out of 5 stars Wonderful Book!, August 31, 2000
Reviewer: lisa evans from new york

I started reading the book over the weekend and found I just loved it! In fact, I was very sorry to come to the end of it. I have never read such a wonderful running book before. I have a shelf full of training books and how to books reagarding running, and I'm glad that I have them, but this book filled the WHY I run so well. And not only that, it opened the door to other runners and what has happened to them. It was as if there were 26 seperate books within this book. I just can not say enough about it. If you are looking for a great gift to give to someone who is a runner, or who is thinking about running, this is it. I am also ordering several for people that don't run. Grab a cup of coffee and get ready for a great weekend when you get this book.

5 out of 5 stars Outstanding Book!, March 1, 2000
Reviewer: Sue Ethan from Canada
This book was full of surprises! I thoughly enjoyed the refreshing style the writer has and I especially enjoyed all the wonderful people she wrote about. I have searched long and hard for true stories with "heart" that a runner like myself can enjoy and this was certainly it! I wish I could meet the author and shake her hand! I happen to be an animal lover too and it was a delight to read about Bubba and Elmer and a few other animals in a running book. I am telling everyone I know to get this book if they love running or inspirational stories. I will also mention it to non-runners that want to understand what running is really all about. I did a lot of laughing and also had a few tears roll down my face as I read each chapter. I had something to look forward to each day as each chapter is about a different person. I felt like I was running right along with a few of the runners she knows! Great book! Cheers!

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