The Amazing Brave Cat Aggie

PAX TV Miracle Pets - Cat Burglar

Local Laceyville Hero - Aggie the cat.

When Lynn and John Seely agreed to take a sick kitten home, they planned on simply nursing her back to health then giving her away. But the little calico was so smart and such a character that they soon decided to keep her. Aggie, as she came to be called, was very gentle and never scratched anyone until one winter's night in 1992. With Aggie curled up at their feet, John and Lynn were sleeping soundly when the cat was wakened by an unusual noise. Without waking her sleeping owners, the little cat crept downstairs and climbed up her cat tree. A man was walking quietly through the darkened house. Aggie waited until she heard him walk past her perch and then she jumped on him, viciously clawing him in the face. The man screamed, waking John and Lynn, but when John got downstairs all he saw was an open window and a man's shoe caught on the ledge. And what makes her story even more miraculous is that Aggie, the hero cat, is completely blind.

From Season 1, Episode 111 of PAX TV Show "Miracle Pets." Episode 111 is called “Cat Burglar” and is the TV show segment that Aggie appeared in.

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