The Amazing Brave Cat Aggie

Lynn Seely - Cat Aggie's Proud Owner

Lynn & Mesha at the trackLynn Seely made an unusual choice in 1966. Rather than attend college - she joined a carnival! Her stay with them was short - but not so her wanderlust.

Lynn Seely traveled & lived outside the USA for many years. She went from the sultry climate of Trinidad - to the chilly green of Scotland - to the sandy shores of Spain & the stark-stone island of Malta. In Brazil she lived in a small town perched near vast jungles that begged to be explored. Belgium, she remembers, often draped gray skies over the quaint city with its winding cobbled streets.

The staggering spectacle of the Swiss Alps & the worn Black Mountains of Wales fed her spirit, as did the magnificent ancient castles she stayed at in the United Kingdom. The imposing portraits of nobles that hung on stony walls spoke to her of another time and would be instrumental to the foundation of her first novel.

An adventurer at heart, Seely tried parachuting; sailing; hiking; backpacking; driving across Europe on her motorcycle and camping in exotic places around the world. In 1978 she made time for college. During her forties she rediscovered her love of running and ran competitively in distances ranging from the five-K, five or more miles, and marathons. It would be her involvement in this sport that would lead to her first book.

Seely’s blind cat, Aggie, attacked an intruder! Lynn wrote about the event & soon Aggie was featured on national TV - on a program called “Miracle Pets.” Then on “Animal Miracles” which aired in Canada. You can still catch a re-run of each show. (Episode 111, Cat Burglar) Seely is completing a book about Aggie, and expects it will be ready for publication by March 2004.

Seely has been published in books such as “Cup of Comfort for Women,” Chicken Soup for the Soul,” “Whispers From Heaven,” and in the book series; “Listening To The Animals.” The books “City Dwellers,” “In The Spotlight,” “Soul Menders,” “Animal Families,” “Their Delightful Ways,” and “Faithful Guardians” are among the many books that feature remarkable stories taken from the pages of real life.

Two non-fiction books featuring her writing were published in 2002 and 2003. They are; “Their Mysterious Ways” and “Be Not Afraid.”

Seely is a free lance writer and a contributing writer for the "IAMS" and "Eukanuba" magazines.

She is the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Running Forward - Looking Back.” The book, published in 2000, is a collection of true stories written in her unique style.

This talented writer wrote a weekly column that reached many thousands of runners for over 6 years and was a managing editor for two years. Seely has been published in Runner's World; Footnotes; Runner's Gazette, Marathon & Beyond and many other publications.

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