The Amazing Brave Cat Aggie

Cat Aggie – The True Story of a Courageous Blind Cat.

Local Laceyville Hero - Aggie the cat.

Excerpts from “Cat Aggie”

Chapter 1


“One summer morning in 1989, I answered the ringing phone. ”Lynn" the familiar voice said, "a tiny calico kitten was just dropped off. She came from a farm and hasn't been handled much. There is something else you should know. The kitten is totally blind and will never see. Can you help?"

Helen ran a no-kill animal shelter and I had promised her I’d provide foster care to special-needs cats or kittens. I was already reaching for my car keys as I replied, “Yes, I'll be right over." A short time later I kneeled in front of the open crate that held a tiny black and white kitten. I noticed she had swirls of bright orange on her face and side. “What a sweet little kitty you are.” The tiny calico stood when she heard my voice. She cocked her head to the side then reached out a dainty white paw. As soon as she touched my outstretched finger she meowed once, and then began purring. I was impressed that she was so calm. After all, she was only five weeks old and was in a strange new environment. “

Chapter 2

“Blind but Brave”

“Three years later...”

“The prowler decided to enter through a window that faced the dark alley. It was unlikely anyone would be up at three in the morning on this frigid night and discover him. He preferred to break into homes between three and four in the morning. No one had ever awakened during a robbery.

He removed the screen and placed it on the ground. Then he attempted to ease the window open. The old window had many layers of paint on it and did not move easily. After a few more tries he managed to push it all the way open. Satisfied he could get in, his flashlight cut the darkness as he scanned the room. A table and chairs were visible on the far side of the room. A seven-foot tall cat-tree was positioned beside the window. Other than that the room was empty. It gave him plenty of room to climb in without making any noise. He never noticed the large calico cat that was hiding in the tunnel portion of the cat-tree.

Aggie had been listening intently to the faint sounds of the screen being removed and the window being opened. She decided that something about this was not quite right. In fact, she had decided she didn't like the suspicious way the window was opened, she didn't like the cold air pouring in, and she especially did not like the smell of this strange menacing person that was standing just outside of HER window! Every bit of her fur was standing straight out. Her whiskers were pitched forward and her ears were straining to catch any sound. Her large body was tense. She waited.

The robber quietly stacked up two cinder blocks and stood on them. He then gripped both sides of the window frame and quietly eased himself through the open window. As he took the next step, Aggie attacked! She leapt onto the man's face, scratched deeply, and then jumped to safety. The panicked prowler screamed in terror and stumbled backward out of the window.
The blood-curdling scream woke us and we bolted upright in the bed, hearts racing! "Maybe that was in the alley." I whispered hopefully to my husband. “I’d better check it out.” John spoke quietly as he eased out of bed. I wasn’t in the frame of mind to wait alone upstairs. “I'm coming with you.”

Once downstairs, we saw one window was wide open and, oddly, a shoe was balanced on the windowsill. Now alarmed, fear jolted my heart into a faster cadence as my husband left the room to dial the police.

It was then I noticed Aggie. I had never seen all her fur stand out like this. She looked twice her normal size! She stood facing me, her tail swishing back and forth as she often did when she was really happy about something. How very odd! Why would she be happy at a time like this? She chortled at me in her sweetest voice. She seemed really proud of herself for some reason. I looked closer. Her white paws and white chin had something on them. Why, it looked like blood! Oh no! Poor Aggie! Had she been hurt? There appeared to be a little blood on the cat tree too. I examined Aggie carefully and was relieved that she seemed okay. I turned my attention to the windowsill. I noticed red droplets on it. It then became very clear to me what had happened. Aggie must have attacked the intruder!

"Oh Aggie, you are such a brave kitty!" I stroked her as she continued to chortle and 'talk' to me. "The police will be here soon." John was calm, but I could tell he was worried an intruder had been in our house. He examined Aggie and then the windowsill. He arrived at the same conclusion as I. Aggie must have attacked whoever had been in the house!

One police officer arrived a few minutes later and surveyed the area. He discovered a few tools left behind by the intruder and he took note of the odd footprints left in the snow leading away from the window (one sock print - one shoe print). The officer just stood there shaking his head as a big grin spread across his face. He agreed that Aggie had indeed attacked the intruder.

He mentioned that a number of robberies had taken place in the area. He said that this robber seemed to prefer homes that did not have a dog. Then he added, with a grin, that the robber would probably think twice about invading a home with cats now, too.”


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